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Daemons, inc. (SFBC om.)


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Books of Blood vol.2 (UK)


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Deryni Challenge (A Crossroads Adventure)


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The Future at War vol. 1: Thorís Hammer


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The Unlikely Ones

Pigs Donít Fly (but dragons do)


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Dragon (h/c)


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Curse of Chalion (h/c)

The Spirit Ring (h/c)


Bunch, Chris



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The Prisoner of Zhamanak (Krishna #5)


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Executive orders

Debt of honor

The sum of all fears

The hunt for Red October

The bear and the dragon


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The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (h/c) w/Peter Nicholls

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (h/c) w/John Grant



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The Final Encyclopedia (SFBC om.)


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Fun with your new head


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The Privateer (h/c)(Flight Engineer bk. 2) w/S.M. Stirling


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A Honorable defence (Crisis of Empire bk. 1) w/ Thomas T. Thomas


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In the heart of the darkness (Belisarius bk. 2) w/David Drake

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Rats, Bats and Vats (h/c) w/David Freer


Francis, Dick



Longshot (BCE)


Freer, David

Pyramid Scheme (ARC) w/Eric Flint

Rats, Bats and Vats (h/c) w/Eric Flint


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A Multitude of Monsters

A Night in te Netherhells

Slaves of the Volcano God


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Lord Darcy (SFBC om.)

Ten Little Wizards (sequel by Michael Kurland)

Gerrold, David

Voyage of the Star Wolf

A Covenant of Justice